Dear Poetry

I cover my sadness

with these weak words.

I tape them against my scars

And I wear them like worthy paper cuts. 

They are freezing alcohol swabs,

They burn & cleanse

The wounds of my own


I wish I could hide behind them forever.

But not even this journeyed flesh can stand

castle strong

against speechless ink stains.

This body does not deserve

a warriors death.

And you,Poetry

You’re a monster

a creative monster

Evil nonetheless.

I wish to string you into knots

I want to force feed you

to the starving mind 

of this new society.

To De-format you

Leave you empty; free versed

to hang loosely along the heartstrings

of strangers, & past lovers.

We are the perfect poster children for

battered homes, aren’t we poetry?

The dysfunctional couple

black-eyed and angry love.


Your light held in one hand

Their heart in the other

You abandon one


You can exchange your light

for the shadows at your feet

And keep their heart the same


You can give up their heart

for the freeing chill of lonely

but keep your light as pure


Spring is of warmth

It’s of pureness

It’s of hope

Why not keep both?

My first request? IT MUST BE. Cosplay!

I have been requested to write about a little something I’d talked about in a previous post, You did read it, right? and a request for more information has been made. Who am I to deny them? 

So, first and foremost I guess, is people love it, hate it, live it and breathe it, or are ok with it. It’s an important part of most anime/comicon/cosplay conventions, and as the years have gone by, cosplay has gone from the few and the hardcore to a massive net of costume enthusiasts spreading across the globe. If you go to a convention and you’re NOT in a complex costume, you are one of the few.  Unfortunately, there are still a lot people who are a little unsure about what exactly cosplay is. What does cosplay mean? What makes people want to spend hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars on representing a fictional character? What is cosplay? Hee, I shall TELL YOU.

It is my own opinion that cosplay is not just dressing up, but a a form of performance art. It is widely associated with comic books, anime, video games, and most things that are “geeky” in nature. It has become so huge, that it is its own subculture within the geek world!
Cosplay is about two things. First, it’s about expressing the things you love! Those people who play DnD and wear wizard hats while they do it should understand. It’s one thing to run around talking about how you love Assassin’s Creed and it’s another entirely to be like “whoo I’m an assassin!”
The second part is community. I’ve met so many amazing people who like the same thing I do because we saw each other across the room wearing shows that the other one liked. And people take pictures too! Having your picture taken is a lot of fun, but a lot more of the pictures that are taken are not ‘Wow, you look Cool.” (though, yes, that does happen) but OH MY GOD YOU’RE [Insert Character Name Here]!! I LOVE THAT CHARACTER/SHOW/ETC and that’s just awesome.

This is just what I think, so don’t take my word for it , but yeh.


Images from MTAC 2014, an anime con that takes place every year in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I made my pilgrimage there to see the amazing voice actor, Vic Mignogna!

Oo, Breaking the LAW. ((Daily Prompt Reply))

“Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?”

But, what if that’s all I did?!? No, ha. I don’t sleep, obviously. I think the last “rule” I broke was more like a social norm. I told you guys I was a fan girl, so my type of rule breaking usually involves something called Cosplay.

Cosplay: A performance art in which participants called “cosplayers” wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea.
I particularly enjoy going to large Anime/Cosplay conventions where other people like myself usually gather, share our thoughts and opinions on the subject, and typically enjoy the company of people with similar interests.

Now that my dirty little secret is out, Pfft, please.  what do you think? Am I weird now that I break social norms? I’ll have you know that cosplay is getting more popular these days. YASSS

.computer head“Computer cosplpay. DEAL.”

My Kind of Writing!

My kind of writing, is like banging my head against the wall:

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, but it feels good at the moment.

Please be patient with me while I violently brain storm nice things for you to read, my blog isn’t much, but I’ll make you love it yet.

Pretty Roses Have Thorns

Roses are beautiful, and all girls are Roses.

But pretty flowers, have sharp thorns.

Underneath the bloom, there lies their defense;

Sharp, little pinpricks meant to deter all that might harm.

Cherish them not for their petals,

But also for their thorns.

Love the parts of what make them beautiful

The leaves, the sepal, the stem, even the thorns

hidden under the attractive bloom that caught your eye to begin with.

Hi There~! <3

Hey! I’m Sly Blue, and this is Luvatory, But you already knew that, didn’t you~? and this is where you go when you’re heart is bored, and needs something to numb that boredom. I’m sure watching me stumble around my first blog will be hilarious. Enjoy, and I’ll update with some food for your soul later.